Sunday, February 14, 2016

Free CFA

As many of you know Chic-fil-A (known as CFA in our house) has a day where if you dress as a cow they will give you a free meal. Well Meredith is a BIG fan of free things. This is the picture that I get from her as I'm leaving work to come home. Of course something had happened at work to make it so I was leaving later than expected and apparently everyone was excited for me to get home so we could go. Yes that is Brooklyn in the front.
This is the outfit that I came up with. I didn't have an old shirt to color on so we just pinned some spots on. And that isn't a one feather headdress either, those are ears, you just can't see the other one. Somehow I missed out on the black nose paint. Maybe next year. Ethan on the other hand got the nose paint but missed out on the ears. Maybe together we combine to make one cow.

 Brooklyn is our "cheese" girl. This face comes out every time the camera comes out. She is pretty cute with her hair done up in cow ears.
 Moo anyone?
 This is the mastermind behind all of this. Notice that her cow costume is the most inconspicuous of them all. That's ok we sure do love her. Taylor got the works for her costume, she had painted on spots, nose pain and the ears. She must very special.
I know that Meredith does a much better job with blogging and coming up with cute things to say about what is going on in our lives, however your going to be stuck with some Abe post for a while. This whole Relief Society President calling kind of takes a lot of her time. So in order to try and keep our memories of our life in Yuma she has asked that I help out.


Toni said...

Our kids love doing this too. Good luck Meredith on the new calling!

❄ Tung Hui Kee ❄ said...

Lovely family you have! XD

hitaakademi said...

thanks for it. Cool! geoteknik

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